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Lamenu is the easiest way to build a digital smart, customizable and user friendly app that works smoothly across all platforms.


Self Ordering

Allow your customers to order and pay for their meals easily and safely from their own device.


Monitor and enhance your sales by understanding the performance of your business though detailed statistics.

QR Menu

Unique QR for each table helps you manage the dine-in ordering smoothly and provide a better experience to your customers.

Integrated Payments

Give your customers the choice of paying through their desired channel.

Customized Design

Change the layout, choose the design that suites your business the most.

24/7 Support

Our support team is available to help you online 24/7 through all channels.

All the tools that you need to manage your multi-branches business in a single window.

Menu Editing

Point of Sale

Powerful POS management help you to diversify revenue streams, and scale your businesses with ease

Your menu is in your hand all the time!

An interactive menu editor smoothen your experience in providing the ideal menu to your customers, and increase your flexibility in adapting to changes.  

You control your business

Lamenu is here to suite your business horizontally and vertically. Add your branches details and define your business hours and keep your business oriented and centralized. 

Your menu, the way you want it to look

Choose your desired design from the number of layouts provided and assure the best visualization of your menu that suites your business. 

Dine-in Experience

Excellent Customer Satisfaction

Maintain the highest level of customer experience with an up-to-date smooth and smart menu which any guest can access through QR code scan or through your tablet.

Different payment options directly from your smart menu

Your customers can view your menu, place orders and either make an online payment from their smart phone or request the desired payment channel to be served by your waiter.

Pickup & Bring to Car

New way to place an order

Allow your customers check out your menu, place pick-up orders and choose the preferred time of pick-up directly from your online menu.

Extend your service & reach them

Your customers will be able to access your online menu through a customized link that can be shared on your social media, place an order prior to their arrival. And you will be able to deliver the orders to their cars directly.

Delivery Ordering

0% Commission

Your food, your customer, your revenue. Don’t share your revenue with the third-party order & delivery platforms. It’s your effort and your loyal customers. You should be the one making profits. Not the high commission charging middlemen.

Share your menu with your customers

Share your menu link online across all platforms. Your customers can click/tap on your link, go to your menu, and place an order anytime. Make sure you make your menu link is easy to find and available-share your menu through Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, iMessage, and more.

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